About the Section

Corporate Counsel Section Executive Committee

The Corporate Counsel Section of the Oregon State Bar is comprised of attorneys who serve as counsel to corporations and other organizations, including in-house as well as outside counsel. The Section’s primary goal is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information and ideas among its members.

Current executive committee:

Ms. Pear, Alison M    Chairperson
Mr. Benn, Travis J    Chair-Elect
Mr. Matheson, David S    Past Chair
Ms. Page, Bonnie Aileen    Treasurer
Monahan, Justin     Secretary
Ms. Kripalani, Eva M    Member
Sniffen, Brian T    Member
Ms. Atwood, Gina M    Member
Mr. Ford, Ian V    Member
Mr. Colton, Chad M    Member
Ms. Alappat, Rose K    Member
Mr. Costantini, Juan     Member
Mr. Milesnick, Robert S    BOG Contact
Martinez, Shanise     Bar Liaison
Ms. Gibson, Kristie L    Advisory Member
Ms. Leisure, Sally     Advisory Member
Ms. Boswell, Kimberly S    Advisory Member
Mr. Anderly, Cameron     Advisory Member

You can join the Corporate Counsel Section online by at the Oregon State Bar website.

Section membership is available to active and inactive members of the Oregon State Bar, although only active members can serve on the executive committee. Active and inactive members pay the same annual membership fee of $20, which is collected annually along with OSB membership fees. A member may join the section during the year as well, but the membership fee is not prorated.